3 exercises for office workers

For those of you doing your nine to five daily grind permanently glued to your chair at the office, this post is especially for you! Here are three exercises to get you through the day without seizing up at your desk and drawing strange looks from your co-workers. Best of all they can be done at your desk.

1. Backward shoulder rolls

A simple exercise to encourage your shoulders to relax and not slowly creep up towards your ears as your work day goes on. Gently roll both shoulders backwards in a circular motion.  Easy isn't it?  We recommend you do 10 repetitions at least twice during your day. 


2. Shoulder blade squeezes

Being mindful to keep your head in a neutral alignment (eg. don't poke your chin out- tuck it in, and keep your head inline with your spine), gently depress and squeeze your shoulder blades simultaneously down into a V position (visualise holding a pen between your shoulder blades) and slightly raise through your sternum. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. This will help to strengthen your back and keep your shoulders from rolling forward - say no to the quasimodo posture! 


3. Forearm stretches

If you're behind a desk you are probably using a computer, so to reduce your chances of getting carpal tunnel add this stretch to your routine. To stretch your extensors (the muscles on the back of your forearm) make a fist and flex downward at your wrist whilst straightening your elbow. You can use your other hand to apply some additional pressure downward on your hand to enhance the stretch.  Now, to stretch your forearm flexors open your hand, extend your wrist back and straighten your elbow. To enhance the stretch use your other hand to pull your hand back. *If you feel any tingling sensation back off the stretch a little.

Forearm Flexor Stretch

Forearm Flexor Stretch