We are Blackroll® Certified

Gemma has recently completed the Blackroll trainer certification at the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham. The primary goal of Blackroll training and their vibrant array of products are to improve the bodies movement patterns, wellbeing and performance. How does Blackroll do this? Their expertly designed products have been developed and tested so people can practice self myofascial techniquesMyofascia = muscle + connective tissue : the soft tissue network that provides stability, mobility and balance to our body. When the myofascial system isn't functioning well due to injury, poor posture, musculoskeletal imbalance, illness, or stress it effects the ability of our tissues to glide over one another.

Blackroll products provide our patients under the instruction of our myotherapist, a tool to improve their own tissue mobility and function at home, allowing them to take an active role in their rehabilitation or reaching their sport performance goals.

Certified trainers look at the body globally and assess to find where the myofascial system isn't moving as well as it can be. We don't just look at rolling one muscle to provide improved movement patterns, but rolling regions for an overall functional result. For example when swinging a golf club you are moving the entire body and the gliding of tissue through that movement should feel fluid.

For best results our myotherapist will combine manual hands on myofascial release techniques and stretching during treatment, and teach you some Blackroll self myofascial techniques tailored for you to do at home or at the gym. 

If you're looking to purchase any Blackroll products click on the picture below.

Melbourne certified Blackroll trainers celebrating completing the course!

Melbourne certified Blackroll trainers celebrating completing the course!

What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape colours don't differ in their function

There are a few kinesiology tape varieties on the market that might sound familiar, the most popular used by clinicians are rock tape and kinesio tape.

The difference between kinesiology tape and rigid sports tape lies in the elasticity of the tape. It differs from conventional rigid sports tape because it mimics human skin, as it's able to stretch and move with the body rather than restricting joint movement. When it is applied to the skin on stretch it forms convulsions and wrinkles. This creates a bio-mechanical lifting of the skin that decompresses the tissues beneath. The advantage of this is that it promotes a more normal fluid movement under the tape, thus helping to reduce swelling. The tape also allows for better glide between tissue layers, and reduces pressure on nerves due to the lifting of tissue the tape creates.

As with all different types of tape they stimulate our body's own proprioception. Proprioception is the process by which our body can vary muscle contraction in immediate reaction to incoming information relating to external forces (in this case the tape), by utilising stretch receptors in our muscles to keep track of the joint position of our body. This process can both decrease pain and improve movement patterns. 

Kinesiology tape colours don’t differ in their function.

Rock tape which is one of the brands we use in our clinic is low allergy tape, and if you have tried the white coloured fixomull or hypafix tapes in the past without problems then your skin should be able to tolerate kinesiology tape without irritation. 

Other benefits of kinesiology tape is that it holds up better than rigid tape when wet. So there's no problems wearing kinesiology tape in the water. Swimmers rejoice!

Watch how Rocktape can stretch up to 180% of its original length!